Day 496: Block the Laser

Posted: 2012/03/20 in Indie Games

Once upon a time there was a magazine called “Compute!”, back in a day when the Commodore 64 was the most common computer on Earth. While this game is not the same as Laser Chess, you can at least see it from there. Where Laser Chess had you trying to eliminate your opponents chess pieces using lasers, “Block the Laser” has you puzzling your way to a level’s exit by manipulating doors, turnstiles, mirrors, and more to clear a path for your robot.

Moving your robot back the way it came actually doubles as the undo function, so you must do your route planning carefully to avoid having to hit reverse (unless, of course, you actually want to un-do). There are some warp paths on the sides of the mazes that push you to the other side (ala Pac Man), and warp bubbles that pop you out in another part of the maze (ala Portal). The first few levels are training for understanding the level mechanics (turnstiles, switches, doors, etc.), but once the lasers kick in the challenge and the fun really starts. This is an intriquing 80 Microsoft Point game that, despite having a 4-out-of-5 star rating on most countries’ dashboards, doesn’t get talked about a lot.

Here’s what the developer (John D’India) has to say about the game:

“In Block the Laser, your goal is to reach the exit while evading deadly lasers along the way. To accomplish this you’ll have to step on floor buttons to turn lasers on or off, open and close doors, or activate turnstiles which push anything that stand in their way. You can also manipulate mirrors to redirect the laser’s path or use doors and turnstiles to block the laser.”


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