Day 497: Grid Legion – Deviant Remix

Posted: 2012/03/21 in Indie Games

When a game promises a mixture of real-time strategy and card battle combat, I’m in. So it is with “Grid Legion – Deviant Remix”.

This game is worth the price of admission (240 Microsoft Points) for the art alone. The card art in the game is excellent, and there are over 120 cards to appreciate. Unlike a real collectible card game (CCG) such as Magic: The Gathering, you can’t expand the number of cards available, but if anything that makes the game more appealing; you all have the same cards to choose from, you can’t buy your way to a better deck. Online play is here, which is also a big plus.

All the normal tropes are here: cards that can only be played in certain areas, terrain effects that modify card strength/abilities. You can enjoy this for the cost of less than a starter deck of an actual CCG.

Here’s what the developer (Wind Jester) has to say about the game:

“A mix of real time strategy (RTS) and collectable card game (CCG) elements. Play cards to build structures, train combatants, and cast spells. Fight for resources on a grid to grid combat system. Duel your friends online. Create a custom deck from over 120 cards. Make and share maps. Learn how to play from a set tutorial levels. Grid Legion is easy to learn and difficult to master. Version 1.5”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Thanks for reminding me about this game. I had downloaded the demo when it first came out (I have a habit of downloading almost every demo at or near release date) and at that time I dismissed it due to interface issues and the game was not really playable although like you said the artwork was incredible. It appears there has been an update (thus ver 1.5 lol) and now that I tried it again and since bought it. This is the type of game where you have to buy it to fully appreciate the game and understand it.

    Might I suggest that the first time you start the trial you go right to “Creating Grid Legion, The Store” and this will give you some background on how the game came about. Quite interesting IMHO!

  2. David Loves Sandy says:

    I really wish I could edit my post. It’s actually called “Creating Grid Legion, The Story” not Store! LOL

  3. Fernando says:

    HeyO! I’m the guy who made GL.
    Thanks for the review and your comments.
    David, I’m totally thrilled that you enjoyed reading about how I got started working on GL, that story is pretty dear to my heart in a corny goofball like way lol.

  4. Fernando says:

    BTW I’m still working on GL so you guys can look forward to another update in about… a month and a half (dont pin me on a date).

    • David Loves Sandy says:

      That’s great to hear and glad to see you are one of those indie game developers that keep plugging away at a good thing. I will always buy games where I hear or see this. The story behind the game is what made the game so interesting to me. Well that and the artwork. I wish/hope that the update has some more levels to play. Maybe some challenge modes or maybe some random games or even a sandbox mode to play against the computer as I primarily am a single game player and rarely play multiplier on any games.

      Glad you stopped by and posted regarding the update.

      • Fernando says:

        hey Dave,
        I’ve been -for the most part- working on UI improvements and making GL a smoother gameplay experience. I’m working on some balance things now and in a few weeks I’ll get around to producing some new levels. I’m going to make a full campaign and put flavor(story) text on all the cards… but thats fair bit away.

        I’ve been thinking about adding some more of my development story into the game.

      • I love seeing after-sales support for bug fixes, new modes, etc. Thanks for continuing to work on it.

        I’m always amazed when we see moments of ridiculous largesse, for example with the Bloody Checkers update that (if memory served) more than tripled the amount of content in the game. As much as I love getting all that for free, that probably could have been a paid sequel. If microtransactions for indie games were allowed it could’ve been paid DLC, but in an absence of that I don’t mind paying for a vastly enlarged/improved sequel (especially when the game costs a pittance).

    • Fernando says:

      I find it funny that two years ago I was like I gots another update coming in “a month and a half”. That be some Clown talk eh!
      I havent stopped working on GL, it just kept wanting more and more love from my perfectionist perspective.

  5. Fernando says:

    The edition of GL you played was like early access as in just outta prototype phase.
    This here is epic:

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