Day 498: Shift It

Posted: 2012/03/22 in Indie Games

“Shift It” has you shifting stones around a board to clear it. What makes it different is that it requires more preplanning than most. By bringing together 2 or more blocks of a given colour you can clear them off the board, but… and it’s a big but… you must clear absolutely every one. That means if there are an odd number of a given colour, you’ll have to do more than just combinations of two (at least one odd-numbered clear, such as clearing 3 or clearing 5). It’s not revolutionary, but it is something that I haven’t seen before, and the presentation (which reminds me a bit of a dance club based on the “Ships of Light” from the classic Battlestar Galactica series from 1978) rubbed me the right way. 240 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Peabrain) has to say about the game:

“Shift It is a little logicgame, where you must put stones together to clean the stages against the time.”


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