Day 499: Arc Lancer

Posted: 2012/03/23 in Indie Games

“Armada” for the Dreamcast is a cult classic, sometimes referred to as “Asteroids: The RPG”. “Arc Lancer” takes a similar tack, merging the shooting action of Asteroids (though on a pseudo-3D, isometric perspective in this case) with the space opera action of the classic computer game “Elite”. All for 80 Microsoft Points.

You take on missions, explore the galaxy, engage in combat, and more. The camera is close in and gives you a sense of close combat action, and the missions give you a sense of scale. This isn’t as big a game in scope as Armada by any means, but it tickles some of the same nerves and at 80 MSP the size feels about right to me.

Here’s what the developer (Angel of Osmond) has to say about the game:

“The galaxy is shrinking. Exploration remains as the current mode of man…but some parts of this great black void are better left unchecked… Lancer Corp. Arc Division is tasked with deep space exploration, an admirable notion, but from the depths of the abyss, a new enemy emerges…one that could doom all humanity.”

  1. I can’t believe that after 499 games you’re still finding good ones. ‘Exploration’ usually gets my attention, and ‘Asterioids: the RPG’ makes me very curious.

  2. Dan Amerson says:

    This looks pretty cool. I’ve added it to my unfortunately long list of indie games to work through.

    On the commercial side, I’d also recommend Fusion: Genesis on XBLA. It also scratches the Armada itch. I had quite a good time with that game as well.


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