Day 504: Glowbz

Posted: 2012/03/28 in Indie Games

Imagine an dual-stick arena shooter where the goal is not to fire off as much ordinance as possible, but to carefully consider every move and every shot, where energy is at a premium. Such a game is “Glowbz”, and those changes affect gameplay more than you might expect.

Merging shooting, strategy, and collecing elements, “Glowbz” manages to deliver a feel that’s not the “same old, same old”. You shoot orbs, collect the energy from them, then fly them through enemy space to bring them to safety (as the energy globes literally trail behind you, though close enough that it’s not like playing “Snake”). Humanity is desperate for the energy you’re collecting, and the soundtrack leaves mo question as to how epic a quest it is (almost humourously over the top). Graphics are attractive and motion is fluid.

The game keeps mixing it up with more and more enemy types (most of them introduced well after the trial is over), that keeps the variety quotient up. Some attack you, some merely hinder you, some attempt to collect the energy before you do, others try to steal energy from your stockpile, and they just keep coming. In addition, the game introduces variations on previous enemy types as well, for further variety. I haven’t finished the game yet, and I’m not sure there aren’t yet more enemy types waiting for me. If you’re too tardy in reaching your goal for a level, an indestructible (!) boss shows up making things much more complicated, so a combination of carefulness and speed is required.

An easy 80 Microsoft point recommendation because of its unique quirks, its variety of enemy types, and the fact that the combinations of the above force you to adjust your play style throughout the game (such as, shifting focus from more offensive, to more collecting, to more defensive). Nice particle effects add to the presentation, and it’s hard to go wrong.

Here’s what the developer (Kiveryn) has to say about the game:

“The year is 6,000,004. Earth has depleted its energy reserves as a result of leaving appliances on stand-by 24/7. A new source of energy has been discovered in the form of Glow Power contained in a nice crispy outer shell called Glowbz. However, the only source of Glowbz is located in a remote sector of the galaxy inhabited by the Blatnokz. They don’t like humans.”


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