Day 505: PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death

Posted: 2012/03/29 in Indie Games

“PLATFORMANCE : Castle Pain” introduced us to super-hard platforming die-’em-up where unlimited lives and persistance is the name of the day, and where the entire game takes place on one (relatively) gigantic level. “PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death” brings us a new level and new horrors to try and safely cross. For 80 Microsoft Points, and with absolutely superb level design, it’s a no-brainer purchase for anyone who enjoyed (or is at all curious about) the first game in the series (which, if you haven’t yet played, you should probably purchase too).

The level design was crafted from the beginning with being able to play the game in reverse in mind, through an update, effectively doubling the play value at no extra cost. This kind of attention to detail and value shows how Magiko Gaming, like BigCorporation’s “BloodyCheckers”, deserves to be supported by XBL Indie Game fans. As for “PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death” itself, it plays just as well as the first one, with all the same pluses, and a similarly short list of minuses. Plus, if you have a very large screen HDTV, the game can actually be played in a super zoomed-out mode that shows you the entire level at once (mostly useful for getting your bearings, but a way to potentially show off that impressively huge HDTV you bought).

Platforming nirvana (and thousands of deaths as you find ways through the games innumerable traps) awaits you.

Here’s what the developer (Magiko Gaming) has to say about the game:

“While filming her latest movie, famous starlet Grace Belly gets abducted by a sect of evil savages. You decide to go and rescue her down the ‘Temple Death’- a place filled with evil traps where only the fools can survive. –Warning: Fun platformer ahead! Contains lots of deadly traps, scoreboards, rewards, flopwards, 3 difficulty modes. Can you finish the Insane mode ?!?”


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