Day 507: “TIC: Part 1”

Posted: 2012/03/31 in Indie Games

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this game for a high-prices XBLA, or even a retail release, at a casual glance. This game is a looker, make no mistake. The visuals, the audio, and the overall presentation is absolutely gorgeous in “TIC: Part 1”. I very much hope that we see a TIC: Part 2 some day, as this developer definitely has skill.

I wonder if the plot was written by M. Night Shyamalan, or perhaps James Cameron, as the game has an unexpected twist: the story has an invading army coming in and acting without concern to the planet’s environment, but you play not as one of the besotted natives but rather as one of the invaders who realises what’s wrong about what you’re doing.

Gameplay has you exploring, and there are thankfully lots of things to discover off the beaten path. Like with most platformers, you gain new powers as you go through the game, and some of these can be used to gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas. Each individual element in the game has probably been done before in one platform or another, but isn’t that like saying shooting, grenade throwing, and taking cover have all been done before in other first-person shooters? It’s how you combine it all that makes a game special, and it’s combined in a great way here. Before long you’ll be helicoptering, unicycling, wall-drilling, and more through this large and absolutely gorgeous game, and loving every minute of it. With imaginative levels, enemies that surprise you, and so much more, it’s definitely worth it’s 240 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (RedCandy Games) has to say about the game:

“Take on the role of a unicycling, wall-drilling, helicoptering, mining robot, Tic, in the first 3 chapters (+9 challenges!) of the artfully-crafted action-adventure series from RedCandy Games™. Stunning 3D-composited high definition visuals, a catchy soundtrack, captivating story, and fast-paced gameplay makes this a rare and unforgettable experience only on XBLIG.”


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