Day 508: Avatar Typing: Horde Invasion

Posted: 2012/04/01 in Indie Games

(Note: the above video appears to be pre-release, and seems to default to your avatar using a typing motion, rather than shooting a gun, to kill enemies.) You know, I’m a sucker for typing games. I own the original “Typing of the Dead”, and “Type Attacks” (which I reviewed way, way, way back on Day 12). “Avatar Typing: Horde Invasion” invokes the former more than the latter, but with presentation that’s more about the business of typing and less about spooky things jumping out at you from corners. I’m OK with that.

As with other typing games, you have to type words and/or phrases to progress. In this case, as you finish typing text bubbles the corresponding enemy is eliminated (with you shooting at that enemy for every correctly-typed letter). The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, with everything from avatars exploding when eliminated, to avatars that dance with every correct character typed. There are two backgrounds, a wide variety of skill levels (single words for each enemy on the easiest and they walk at you, phrases for each enemy on the hardest and they run at you), and even two modes of play (a survival mode, and a level-based mode).

If you enjoy typing games, then this is a no brainer 80 Microsoft Point game if you want to practice your typing. If you’ve hated games like this in the past, however, then likely nothing here will change your mind. However, it supports both QWERTY keyboards and the Xbox 360 Chat Pad, and is a reasonably polished product.

Here’s what the developer (Pixel Psyche) has to say about the game:

“Stop an onslaught of angry Avatars by…typing? Logical enough! Can you type the sentences you’re given before the enemies cross your path? Featuring 8 enemy types and 2 modes of play, the action is sure to last. With over 1,500+ sentences to type and the ability to create your own, you’re almost guaranteed to develop a fun case of carpal tunnel! *Chatpad or Keyboard required.”


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