Day 510: Fluffy: Operation Overkill

Posted: 2012/04/03 in Indie Games

A virus has made the animal world mad, with all the beasts of the animal kindgom frothing at the mouth and trying to destroy those not affected. Only one animal has survived, a squirrel who had the good fortune to be in a hazmat suit when the apocalypse came. In “Fluffy: Operation Overkill” he fights to survive against nearly insurmountable odds.

I recommend some games because they’re deeply innovative, or they have high production values, or they fill genre gaps that the big retail games miss. This recommendation is different. I’m recommending “Fluffy: Operation Overkill” simply as a guilty pleasure. And oh, what a pleasure.

“Bullet time” is here (Max Payne would be proud), which allows you to see the destruction you leave in your wake in glorious slo-motion (not to mention, giving you an agility advantage over your opponents when engaged). Neat graphical effects are here, including levels that take place at night entirely in silhouettes. There are lots of weapons to find and equip, and level after level of 2D side-scrolling mayhem. Well, well worth 240 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (SO SO DEV Games) has to say about the game:

“A virus. Mad animals. And a squirrel in a hazard suit. Fluffy: Operation Overkill is run and gun gameplay at its finest with powerful weapons, devastating special attacks, physics powered violence, epic boss fights and a rewarding skill kill highscore system. Oh yeah, and it has got zombies. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride into hell!”


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