Day 511: Block Jump

Posted: 2012/04/04 in Indie Games

Don’t let the simplistic (though serviceable) visuals and audio fool you, “Block Jump” has it where it counts: gameplay.

This 80 Microsoft Point merges 2D platforming with the need to add blocks to the world to complete levels (always a nice feature, adding replay and the possibility of multiple solutions). It pairs that up with a constant climbing game to add some tension and to force you to have accurate and well-timed jumps despite the time limits it imposes. It’s all been done before, but never been done together to the best of my knowledge, and it’s been well executed. “Block Jump” is greater than the sum of its parts.

Here’s what the developer (cptpaper) has to say about the game:

“Jump blocks, draw blocks, and get to the top in this intense platformer! Fall off the screen and fail, or succeed in reaching the top as fast as you can, but beware; this game is HARD!”


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