Day 512: Lingolu

Posted: 2012/04/05 in Indie Games

“Lingolu” is an interesting idea. It’s a bit like Sega’s classic NiGHTS (meaning you race through hoops, effectively), except they’ve turned into an arena hoop racing game, and added X, Y, and Z axes to worry about.

Yes you have to move toward and away from the screen as well as up and down to line yourself up with the next target, and there are two ways to do this: either use the highlights on the walls of the hoops and you to gauge the Z axis, or utilise a supported style of 3D (“side by side and anaglyph” are available) to help gauge the depth. If you have one of the supported 3D solutions already, then this is a fun little 80 Microsoft Point experiment. It’s still playable without that, but really comes into its own with that.

Here’s what the developer (VRhome) has to say about the game:

“Dive into a spectacular stereoscopic gaming experience. Steer you spaceship in full 6 degrees of freedom through 30 stunning levels. Complete a level by eliminating the floating rings, pierce through their middle to make them disappear. But beware! Time is limited and numerous obstacles and monster try to hinder or even destroy you. This game supports side by side and anaglyph stereo video modes.”


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