Day 514: A Hard Game Without Zombies

Posted: 2012/04/07 in Indie Games

I love everything about “A Hard Game Without Zombies”. I love the meta way the title is a simple statement of fact, complete with a dig against zombie-cash in games (perhaps the sequel will be entitled “A Hard Game Without Avatars”). I like the graphical style that manages to both be minimalist and attractive. I like that there are a lot of levels (30 in all), and that they’re hard enough that you’ll feel like you’re getting your money’s worth (and at 80 Microsoft Points, it’s not exactly a lot of money). Beyond all that, it’s a super-hard platformer, but it’s got a personality all its own and any fan of challenging platformers will likely be pleased to add it to their collection. And that’s despite the fact that all of the best platformers I’ve played for the last several years have been on Xbox Live Indie Games, so by now your collections are probably getting a little on the large side.

Here’s what the developer (MasterGroke) has to say about the game:

“Are you tough enough to control the character FootHeader through all the 25 hard levels, and collect 75 stars. Do not worry the aren´t any Zombies”


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