Day 518: Avatar Chess

Posted: 2012/04/12 in Indie Games

Make no mistake, “Avatar Chess” plays a good game of chess. If it was cute avatar-based presentation alone I would not recommend it. If it forced you to play with the avatars, I’d be reluctant. But thankfully it offers 2D, 3D, and avatar-based presantation.

Ignoring games like “Dragon Chess” (which plays a non-traditional board/movement style), this is the best AI-controlled game of chess I’ve played for about a dollar yet. If looking for an 80 Microsoft Point chess game, I don’t know one that plays or looks better. Ignore the avatars if they offend you, but know it’s actually kind of cute to play with them, and know that you have the traditional options as well.

Here’s what the developer (Turkey Based Games) has to say about the game:

“Are you the next Bobby Fischer? Hone your skills against a computer opponent of selectable difficulty. Challenge someone in-house with one or two controller multiplayer, invite a player from your friends list to a private game, or take on a matchmade opponent over Xbox Live. View your game in traditional 2D, basic 3D, or crank up the fun by playing with Xbox Live avatars for pieces.”

  1. As has happened a couple of times before, for some reason the post didn’t publish yesterday and stayed as a draft. Rest assured that I did, in fact, author it yesterday. :)

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