Day 519: Block Vengeance Alpha

Posted: 2012/04/12 in Indie Games

The best part about “10 Amazingly Awful Games” was its Arkanoid-on-steroids game. The blocks, far from accepting of their fate, fight back shooting at the player and, when it’s all on the line, even launching themselves down the screen at you in suicide attacks. It was a truly refreshing take on the genre. Now we have “Block Vengeance Alpha”, a fleshing out of that component of Amazingly Awful 1 (which, oddly, wasn’t awful at all).

The game doesn’t reinvent the wheel, just adds new elements (the craziest being the blinking eyes on the poor, suffering blocks. If you bought Amazingly Awful 1 you may not find this expanded version of one of its component games worth the points (though, if you enjoyed this component of the first one, I still think it’s worth a trial). If you passed on Amazingly Awful 1, but were nonetheless curious about its improved rendition of Breakout, then I recommend this as the definitive version.

Here’s what the developer (thedeadstu) has to say about the game:

“Imagine breakout, except this time the blocks aren’t as happy about you firing balls in their directions and are fighting back! Collect power-ups to get back in the fight and juggle as many balls as you can to get extra points. Battle through 10 Levels of 3 stages each in arcade mode, take on survival mode, or play versus another player.”


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