Day 520: TurboRocket

Posted: 2012/04/13 in Indie Games

Now this was a nice surprise. “TurboRocket” takes Asteroids out of the warping-around-the-screen category, and into the arena combat territory popularised by Geometry Wars, *but* it does so without losing the newtonian physics (ie. your ship still has momentum like it’s actually flying in space). But the innovation doesn’t stop there: the walls of the arena also kill you, forcing you to do precision flying (no care-free blitzing around the screen here).

The game features 58 hand-made levels, 22 different enemy types, ship upgrades, and even a level generator. The presentation is nice, looking a little bit like a so-called “doodle” game re-imagined in Vector graphics. The game doesn’t rest on its visual laurels, as it throws additional visual effects at you as you proceed deeper into the game. Even the game’s menus look impressive, and this is an easy 80 Microsoft Point recommendation.

Here’s what the developer ( has to say about the game:

“This is a top-down 3d shooter. Purpose: Destroy and wipe out all enemies on each level. Reward: Increase your special weaponsystem and awesomeness. Variety: Level generator and 22 different enemyes. Challenge: 58 custom-made levels.”


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