Day 521: Ace of Dynamites

Posted: 2012/04/14 in Indie Games

Like a crazy mash-up between Bomberman and a sliding block game, “Ace of Dynamites” adds the one thing sliding block puzzle games were missing: tonnes of explosions.

In addition to that innovation the game has larger levels than I’m used to in games of this type. Not much else to say, I suppose, other than to note that 80 Microsoft Points for a block pushing puzzler where you have to clear paths and destroy enemies with dynamite is OK by me.

Here’s what the developer (Fairy Engine LLC) has to say about the game:

“The gems from the kingdom of the Round Happy Faces people have been stolen by their enemies. They’re now scattered in the lands of the Death’s Heads tribe, and guarded 24/7. Since explosives are the only weapon that can be used against the Death’s Heads, you’ve been chosen to go to hostile territory and get as many gems back as possible, for your Round Happy Face’s nickname is Ace of Dynamites.”


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