Day 526: Combo – red moon rising

Posted: 2012/04/19 in Indie Games

Now this is a different kind of space combat game. “Combo – red moon rising” defies easy categorisation, and that alone makes it worth a look.

This game is a fantastic mash-up of resource collection and space combat (and this is Shadow Raiders/War Planets style where your goal is to actually damage/destroy the other planet itself, which is OK by me). The game has you collecting resources by tapping out sequences of button presses that appear in the playfield, and either you or your opponent (computer or human) can do so. The downside to massive resource generation is that it leaves you more open to attack, as you’re spending less time on offence or defence.

Speaking of offence and defence, I love a game that lets you adjust your play style between aggressively offensive, deeply defensive, or somewhere in-between. This game has that in spades, but with the added wrinkle of the resource gathering. You must juggle your time between offensive, defensive, and resource production and doing this well is the secret to success here. You start with missiles, and anti-missiles, but as you progress through the game the number of things you can create grows (such as ships that can attack the enemy or gather stuff for you to enhance the war effort, and the list keeps going from there).

Full of innovation, attractive presentation, and deep gameplay, this is an 80 Microsoft Point no-brainer.

Here’s what the developer (ANH Games) has to say about the game:

“In this addictive mixture of action and strategy, your mission is to defeat the enemy planet. Gather resources through collecting sequences and command ships to conquer asteroids, to build more ships and launch weapons. Features ten single player levels, four multiplayer maps, awards and more.”


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