Day 537: Marksman: Long Range

Posted: 2012/04/30 in Indie Games

Not all Xbox Live Indie Games are, well, games. Some more closely meet the definition of “apps”. Then there are ones that are in that indefinable area in between. Such is the case of “Marksman: Long Range”, one that (like Microsoft Flight Simulator) is more game, or less game, depending on your interest in the subject material.

Full marks to the developers for coming up with an unusual and innovative experience. In broad strokes you aim with the left stick and… control your breathing with the right? Yes, that’s right. And don’t forget to adjust for distance, wind, and gravity. There are three difficultly levels that adjust the range of adjustment that “Marksman: Long Range” is forcing you to adjust within. Additionally, you have eight models of rifle to choose from.

“Marksman: Long Range” does make an attempt to “game-ify” itself a little. Instead of just a straight simulation it does give you modes you might expect (such as time-attack, and free play), and ones you might not (such as rifle golf, and zombie horde). For 80 Microsoft Points, and with attempts to please both hard core sim and game enthusiasts, this experimental and earnest title is well worth downloading.

Here’s what the developer (Andy Campbell) has to say about the game:

“Use realistic rifle controls to master the art of long-range shooting. Complete time trials, eliminate incoming zombie hordes, and play “rifle golf” to put your skills to the test.”


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