Day 540: NYAN-TECH

Posted: 2012/05/03 in Indie Games

(This was the most appropriate video I could find, but oddly it focuses on the game’s, admittedly excellent, main theme rather than on gameplay; read on for a gameplay description.)

“NYAN-TECH” has an interesting technique for puzzle solving. Controller buttons are mapped to blocks on the screen, and to navigate to each level’s key (and subsequently to each level’s exit) you have to press the right series of buttons to open up a path. The trickiness comes in when you factor in the fact that some blocks must be pressed to toggle the block, and others must be held to keep it moved. This leads to some interesting dexterity challenges on the controller.

This game is decidedly not recommended for those with arthritis in their fingers, or other joint/mobility problems in their fingers. But it remains an 80 Microsoft Point experiment that has produced interesting results for puzzle game fans.

Here’s what the developer (dot zo games) has to say about the game:

“Get the [key] and go to [door] ! Let’s go! wao!”


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