Day 546: Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 2

Posted: 2012/05/09 in Indie Games

“Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 1” is a top-flight Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) platformer. Have you played it? No? Then go buy it now, it’s absolutely awesome. We’ll wait here for you.

Welcome back. Now, that was fantastic, wasn’t it? Did you love the long levels, the hand-drawn art, the top-notch presentation? Well, “Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 2” is a lot more of all of the above, with new (yet just as meticulously designed) levels as before. You have a long story mode (that unlocks content for the other modes as you progress through it). Other modes include the Challenge Mode (which is goals based, and is really cool for those who enjoy a structured experience) and Arcade Mode (for those who liked to race through Sonic with just one or two rings in hand, eager to get through at mach speed; in this mode you have a time limit, and hitting checkpoints extends your time, like a classic ’80s/90s offline arcade racing game).

You have tight platforming that’s challenging without being super-hard like a lot of modern platformers. Like the first game in the series, you don’t suffer instant deaths with a single hit (though it does only take a couple). While a lot of platformers give you new powers as you progress, and Oozi 2 does have some of that, the game smartly focuses on giving the enemies/obstacles more powers as you progress through the game. The game is colour and exudes fun, right down to the Vanna White smile on its protagonist. It’s 80 Microsoft Points, it’s strong in every department, and it’s an absolute must buy.

Here’s what the developer (AwesomeGamesStudio) has to say about the game:

“Oozi: Earth Adventure is where classic platforming fun meets modern visuals and hand-drawn art. Lots of special abilities, dozens of enemies, extra difficult challenge mode and time limited arcade mode specially for hardcore gamers. All that for only 80 MSP, a must have for all platformer fans!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    This and the series seems to be 5 star all the way! I haven’t purchased them yet because I’ve been waiting for all four episodes to become available so I can play straight through them all and not have to wait between. I have trialed the three that are out now and like the progression they seem to be making along the way. For a measly 80 pts each (320 for the whole series, unless they decide on more than 4 later) this is a steal. As soon as Episode four comes out (which by all my research is suppose to be the final one) I will be buying them all.

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