Day 549: 48 Chambers

Posted: 2012/05/12 in Indie Games

Bringing together the precision pathfinding and dodging of one of my all-time favourite Xbox Live Indie Games, “Soul”, with the pellet collecting of Pac Man, “48 Chambers” has also recently received a title update that brought a new casual difficulty level (for those who weren’t suited to the default hardcore difficulty).

It’s with a degree of sadness that I review this April-released game, which just yesterday dropped off of the top-50 new releases list on the Dashboard without establishing itself as a top-selling title. But that does make it a hidden gem, albeit a recently released one, in my book. This 80 Microsoft Point effort has bright and colourful presentation (in start contrast to “Soul”‘s survival horror-themed darkness). Levels are imaginative and attractive, with lots of threats (some more obvious than others) that seek to get in the way of you manoeuvring to the keys you’ll need to open the doors to the exit. Whether it’s a spinning blade, an attacking enemy, a bullet that suddenly shoots out at you from the wall, the game keeps you on your toes.

And timing is important: it’s not good enough to simply pick the right path and go for broke, you must analyse the patterns and make sure you’re crossing each threat at the right time. And if you simply can’t make it work, perhaps it’s time time to back up and try another route. It’s this give and take that is the true joy of the game. This game is polished, enjoyable, and easily recommended.

Here’s what the developer (Discord Games) has to say about the game:

“48 Chambers is a simple, yet challenging 2d game about movement and timing. Race against the clock for the high score as you collect orbs, dodge bullets and blades, and attempt to reach each chamber’s exit in one piece. Defeat 48 increasingly difficult and treacherous levels to become the master of the 48 Chambers! Now features new Casual and Hardcore modes.”


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