Day 551: Redd: The Lost Temple

Posted: 2012/05/14 in Indie Games

Second from the top at the end of the Indie Games Summer Uprising, “Redd: The Lost Temple” is a great top-down, exploration, action adventure game that’s heavy on the puzzle elements. No Gauntlet-style combat grind through a dungeon, here you have no way to attack most of the time, rather you march through the levels trying to explore, solve puzzles, and out-dodge enemies. Of course, some puzzle solutions and environmental elements (such as pitfalls, oil, and toxic gas) in some cases threaten enemies as much as you and can be used for defensive purposes, so keep a watchful eye for those kind of opportunities.

Remember classic 8-bit computer game “B.C.’s Quest for Tires” (yes, based on the “B.C.” newspaper comic strip, of all things)? Well, this could be called “Redd’s Quest for Torches” because you must keep finding torches if you want to see where you’re going. You do NOT want to be walking around in this enemy and trap-filled maze without light, and the game uses this to push things along at an impressive pace, and adds tension to even the least dangerous of situations if your torch is running low and you haven’t found a replacement yet.

You die with one hit in this game, but those hits don’t come as easily as in something like “Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES”. The game manages to be challenging without being frustrating, for the most part at least.

Once you’ve flipped every switch, solved every puzzle, and out-manoeuvred every enemy, then there are additional (harder) skill levels to try which enhances the replay value of this 240 Microsoft Point games. The developer earned every point with great level design, innovative gameplay, and solid presentation.

Here’s what the developer (“Blazing Forge Games”) has to say about the game:

“The world is in danger from an unknown phenomenon and only the archeologist Allie and the explorer-for-hire Redd can save us. To keep Redd alive you’ll need to outmaneuver danger, discover new abilities, and of course… blow things up! Navigate through huge dungeons avoiding sinister traps, time based puzzles, and massive stone creatures to try and unlock the mystery of the Royal Amulet of Konira.”


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