Day 552: Fishing Girl

Posted: 2012/05/15 in Indie Games

“Fishing Girl” is an amazingly cute Xbox Live Indie Game, something far better than I would have dreamed it could be. I had been traumatised once playing as “Big the Cat” in Sonic Adventure. Though I beat the game with every other character, I was unable to beat Sonic Adventure with Big the Cat (despite getting to one of the final of Big’s levels) and his levels were all fishing themed.

So I put that trepidation aside and checked out “Fishing Girl”, and I liked what I saw. The game looks a bit like a cutesy version of Super Meat Boy, but here the titular Girl is trying to find the boy. The game is well fleshed out with 10 different times of fish, 8 different rod and lure upgrades, and more.

Each fish you catch is worth a number of coins, but watch carefully: some of the big fish are near worthless, and some of the small ones are worth more than you’d think. The game is a pretty mellow experience on the whole, but it does reward people who pay attention over those that don’t.

There’s a lot of fun in exploring the game’s possibilities, such as catching a small fish and using it as bait for bigger fish (using a lure designed just for that purpose). If you catch a large fish, you must rapidly press the A button to reel it in. The game has some neat mechanics, like having you cast your lure over to the store when want to upgrade your gear. There are threats though, sharks that will conspire against your fishing wishes; those you must either try to avoid, or damage with a lure designed for that purpose, and the game has different endings based on whether you avoid or destroy the sharks.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the island where the “Boy” is and literally pull the island over to you so that you’re reunited. It’s a neat 80 Microsoft Point game and I enjoyed it a whole lot more than I had any right to.

Finally, don’t get this game confused with any other by the same name. The inspiration for the game was a blogger who put out a contest for people to make games based on a common premise, but they’re all implemented quite differently.

Here’s what the developer (errcw) has to say about the game:

“A game a about a girl, a boy, and an ocean full of fish. Fishing Girl is an arcade fishing game with over 10 different fish to catch and 8 rod and lure upgrades.”


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