Day 553: Invasion

Posted: 2012/05/16 in Indie Games

An over-the-top, 2D side-scrolling action shooter ala Contra, “Invasion” brings big vehicles, big boss fights, and big explosions to the indie games channel for 80 Microsoft Points. It looks good, plays pretty tight, and oozes a great mix of nostalgia and newness. Whether it’s a jetpack level that scrolls horizontally, or a boss fight where you’re being chased vertically, it’s just the right amount of bombast. The final level (an extended flying motorbike sequence) is a fitting endcap.

Growing up on games like “Rush ‘N Attack” (aka “Green Beret”), I get an itch for a game like this every once in a while. “Invasion” is a great way to scratch it.

Here’s what the developer (Heart Attack Machine) has to say about the game:

“A mysterious force invades earth. Cover terrain on foot, jetpacks, and bikes as you blast your way through legions of invaders in explosive fashion.”


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