Day 556: Egyptian Rat Smash

Posted: 2012/05/19 in Indie Games

One genre of games that defies simple/easy explanation is the card game genre. Do you discuss them in broad strokes? Do you get into round-by-round, rule-by-rule detail? Well, since (like all XBL Indie Games) “Egyptian Rat Smash” has a free trial, and costs only 80 Microsoft Points to purchase, I’m going to try to go for broad strokes.

The game tasks you with taking all the cards. You do so through a mixture of card matching and QTE-like button presses. Card matches start contests that allow a player to earn (or steal) the current pile of cards that’s built up. Certain face cards mix things up. It’s a bit like the card game “War” matched up with a simplified version of “Hearts” (or another card game where you win “tricks” of cards).

The more I try to describe it the further from an accurate description I seem to stray, but I nonetheless recommend trying it. Once you’ve figured out the rules it’s fast, fun, and frantic.

Here’s what the developer (dreamboy8701) has to say about the game:

“This is a card based reflex game. The goal of the game is to collect all of the cards! Win the pile with face cards or by being the first to press the button when a pair is on the pile!”


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