Day 558: Robot Platformer

Posted: 2012/05/20 in Indie Games

“Robot Platformer”

This is a very stylish and, at first at least, laid back platform game. You have plenty of health, and the game at first seems more about figuring out the correct path and timing all your jumps correctly than it is about anything else. But delve a little past the 8 minute trial and the levels do get a lot more challenging eventually. The feel of the platforming reminded me more of the level of challenge of the early Bonk games than anything else.

I like the way the game becomes nearly entirely black as you get close to death, as well. I’ve spent most of the day trying to bring back up a database so I think I’m going to end the detailed portion of the review there, but it’s an interesting 80 Microsoft Point game with some neat animated touches, and I enjoyed it. After the stress of recovering the database, I couldn’t handle a super-hard platformer today.

Here’s what the developer ( has to say about the game:

“If you can crawl, run, jump and flap your arms to hover. -Use your slingshot and jump on the robots. -Have a heart if low on energy. -Jump on the clouds, dodge the fire and Get to the exit spirals… then you will conquer all 42 levels, single or co-op play.”


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