Day 559: Crazy Balloon Lite

Posted: 2012/05/21 in Indie Games

Playing a bit like 8-bit computer and console game “H.E.R.O.”, but in reverse (and with instant death when touching objects added), “Crazy Balloon Lite” has tranquil video and audio paired with extremely challenging gameplay that belies its simple-looking exterior.

One thing about this game that set it apart that I don’t remember seeing before is that the swaying of your balloon actually affects gameplay. There are areas that you can only navigate through when you get to just the right part of the swing (check out the embedded video to see what I mean). It’s an interesting mechanic that works well, and allows the developer to design fiendish levels that require not only good pathfinding and careful manoeuvring, but also near perfect timing.

Wait too long to get through a level and a giant head that looks a bit like something transported out of the Simpsons appears and blows on your balloon. The game also throws camera zooms at you in certain tight corners, which can help with fine movements.

It’s a fun and unique game that evolves the “pass through tight passageways genre” that I’ve enjoyed since playing Activision’s H.E.R.O. on both the Commodore 64 and the Nintendo NES. (Here’s H.E.R.O., for reference:)

Here’s what the developer (Backroom Software) has to say about the game:

“Crazy Balloon Lite is a fun game of navigation and nerves. Tha Land of the Balloons has been invaded by nasty spikes. You need to navigate this overrun terrain to make it back to your balloon friends!”


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