Day 560: Dragons vs Spaceships

Posted: 2012/05/22 in Indie Games

It’s fantasy vs. science fiction as “Dragons vs Spaceships”. Thankfully, the game isn’t entirely lacking in innovation, it does offer a collection of three weapons that can be merged together into a total of six combinations, but the meat of the matter is listening to a rockin’ soundtrack and blowing things up old school. And I’m OK with that.

I like the presentation (the dragons look smooth and organic, the ships look mechanical and more pixelised). Which powers up you collect, and how you mix and employ them, does add a tactical element to the game that is appreciated, and the four dragons you have to choose from at the select screen all handle differently. Well worth 240 Microsoft Points, IMO.

Here’s what the developer (Slopius) has to say about the game:

“Dragons Vs Spaceships is a top down shooter which seeks to capture the essence of the genre, while putting a new spin on old conventions. Travel across many worlds destroying the enemy, using three weapon types that combine for a total of six special weapons. Fun and challenging, players will quickly master the controls.”


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