Day 562: Bobby

Posted: 2012/05/24 in Indie Games

“Bobby”‘s description invokes both pool/billiards and “Lunar Lander”, and the description is apt. Your goal is to fly around (with “Lunar Lander”-inspired controls) and force balls into portals. Once you’ve got them all, the portals switch from being destructive to you to being the exit to the next level. What I like about the game is that, as opposed to “Lunar Lander”, here the gravity is relative to the level (some have little at all, some have powerful magnets strategically places that try to suck you into them, but don’t affect the balls which are not made of metal). Some levels suffer a bit from the frustration of “how do I get that last ball to the portal?!” and, as such, this may not be perfect for those with a low tolerance for such things. For the rest of us, it’s an interesting 80 Microsoft Point experience that’s legitimately new and different.

Here’s what the developer (Nooskewl) has to say about the game:

“Bobby is fun twist on billiards and lunar lander. Fly around as Bobby, a jet-pack sporting bullet, and bounce evil balls to their demise in menacing portals. Then it’s off to the next dimension. 70 levels are sure to keep a player entertained for many hours.”


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