Day 568: Last Dragon Standing

Posted: 2012/05/30 in Indie Games

From fellow Canadians “Werewolf Studios” in Montreal comes “Last Dragon Standing”, a crazy mash-up of “Arkanoid” and “Hungry Hungry Hippos”. Or something like that.

Werewolf is apparently made up of “three professionals of the gaming industry,” who are striving to “put out affordable indie games with high replay value,” which all sounds good to me. The game has you bouncing balls back and forth, a bit like Pong but with up to four players and with plenty of obstacles and power-ups.

In that great tradition that dates at least as far as pinball, your goal is to keep your ball(s) bouncing. But this is no empty playfield, it’s full of humans and their buildings; destroy either to earn power-ups. Your goal is to keep your eggs safe while doing what you can to foil your dragon opponents (either human or AI). It’s a neat 80 Microsoft Point title that succeeds in turning its varied influences on their head.

Here’s what the developer (Werewolf Studios) has to say about the game:

“Become a Dragon and face up to three of your friends in an epic battle! Conquer the realm and become the Dragon God. Breathe fireballs at your opponents to destroy their Eggs. Destroy Villages to gain Powerups and buy upgrades to keep evolving your Dragon. Can you be the Last Dragon Standing?”


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