Day 572: Gravity Dash 2

Posted: 2012/06/03 in Indie Games

Once upon a time I did a quickie review for a game called “Gravity Dash”, part of the “360 Mega Pack HD Remix”. You have to look up the “360 Mega Pack HD Remix” to buy the game, but I would recommend ignoring the rest of the games and apps in the pack and head right to Gravity Dash, a really fantastic game that headlined an otherwise pretty forgettable package. But if you approached it as 80 Microsoft Points for “Gravity Dash” alone, it was still a great deal (and I reviewed it on that basis).

“Gravity Dash 2” sensibly dispenses with the rest of the package, and can actually be found on the dashboard under its own name. The sequel

  1. Seph Newman says:

    I’m the developer behind 360 Mega Pack HD Remix. First off, thank for the great review of Remix/GravityDash back in September!

    I do want to clear something up though. This game right here has nothing do with the Gravity Dash I developed. In fact, I had never heard of it until I saw this post today!

    I looked into it, and I noticed that the developer, RicolaVG, released a game called AppPack 2.0 in December with several games/apps including Gravity Dash.

    The whole thing definitely seems a bit suspect to me (eerily familiar)…

    Anyway, just wanted to clear this up!

    Also, your review cuts off at the end, so I can’t read the whole thing.

    • Wow… a lot of time passed between the two reviews, and I completely failed to note that the listed developer had changed. I apologise for that. Thanks so much for bringing this to the attention of Mass Deduction readers!

  2. Ricky says:

    I’m the dev for Gravity Dash 2. Seph is right this is a sequal to my Gravity Dash from AppPack 2.0. My game was not influenced and was unaware that there was another Gravity Dash.

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