Day 576: Burger Jack

Posted: 2012/06/07 in Indie Games

If you were evolving and upgrading the “Tapper” and “Root Beer Tapper” series of games, how might you do it? If you were the developer of “Burger Jack”, you’d do it through a creative and innovative way: you’d have the player not just serve customers a single product, you’d make the player build an entire order. Burgers, fries, beverages, and more are all are all on offer, and each customer is going to ask for one, two, or all three of the above, in a variety of combinations. This takes the game out of the realm of twitch reaction gameplay, and into a something a little more interesting to me.

I don’t think this game is perfect. I have two HDTVs, one larger than the other: the icons indicating what people want in their order were definitely easier to read on the larger TV. Still, it’s an inventive 80 Microsoft Point effort that deserves full marks for trying to do something new with its inspiration rather than merely copying it.

Here’s what the developer (Playberries) has to say about the game:

“Are you ready for a rush hour frenzy at the local diner? Burger Jack is a fast-paced, casual arcade game suitable for all ages. Serve customers as fast as you can, and help the teenage boy, Jack, earn money to buy the gadget he’s been dreaming about.”


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