Day 577: Angry Fish

Posted: 2012/06/08 in Indie Games

“FishCraft” was a great game with a silly name (one perhaps inspired by a combination of “Angry Birds” and “Minecraft”, two of the most popular indie games at the time). But the game had strengths, including some crazy levels (one even took place with you shooting around a giant spinning ball), better controls (partly due to gamepads arguably offering finer control than touch screens), dramatic music, and the ability to rapid-fire your fish off if you wished. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Despite a name change, “Angry Fish” is its sequel. It adds a new fish (a brown fish that fires off a sonic wave), and 42 more levels. If you liked the first one, you’ll probably like getting 42 more levels for another 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Frozen Software) has to say about the game:

“In this sequel to the critically acclaimed physics based action title FishCraft, the cats have gone too far!! Experience an epic tale of deceit and revenge as the fish take the fight to the cats homeland in 42 levels of extreme destruction.”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Love these games! Done well. In fact since I live in a cave I actually played Fishcraft before I ever heard of Angry Birds. I have since played the later and I don’t think it has anything on these 80 ms pts games on the XBLIG channel. I went back and read your review for Fishcraft on Day 116 and back then you had wrote some lengthy reviews. I know this whole a game a day thing must be wearing on you I mean I don’t think there is anyone that could have kept the pace you have for as long as you have….maybe we should call the Guinness Book Of Records and see if we can get you a spot on there.

  2. David Loves Sandy says:

    In fact I can’t even read them as fast as you write them. LOL

    • I find I prefer the shorter reviews, both as a reader of them and as a writer of them. If someone’s blowing $60 Canadian (or equivalent in your local currency) for a hot new release, damn straight I want to know lots about it before I take the plunge. If I’m putting in 80, or 240, or 400 Microsoft Points (which costs 92-99% less!) then I just want an assurance that it’s got some neat ideas under the hood, but the rest I’m happy to discover by myself. You know, kind of like a teaser trailer for a film that actually *doesn’t* give away the ending for a change. :)

      • David Loves Sandy says:

        You had me at 92-99% less….I do agree and it’s a win win!

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