Day 578: Production Panic

Posted: 2012/06/09 in Indie Games

The faint of heart need not apply, “Production Panic”‘s a hardcore puzzler that keeps throwing new elements at you with barely any let-up. It has a lot of innovative ideas behind it, and may be just the thing for a hardcore puzzle fan looking for a challenge.

“Production Panic”‘s strength lies inthe fact that it’s not just more of the same, level after level. You start simply enough, modifying assembly lines to move products along, making sure they get painted, added on to, modified, and end up at the correct destination. Just as you’re getting the hang of it the game adds wrinkles, such as faster production lines, or the fact that you need to feed your boss (who is an octopus who ended up with majority control of the company through an accounting error), and it continues from there. Most puzzle games stay with the same formula throughout, just forcing you to juggle more of it as you progress, so it’s nice to see a game that keeps mixing it up. It’s a great 80 Microsoft Point game, just don’t expect a walk in the park.

Here’s what the developer (MikeE) has to say about the game:

“Production Panic – The only factory-based puzzle game where you have to get products from A to B with an egomaniac for a supervisor, and a cephalopod for a boss! We don’t know who set up these production lines, but efficiency certainly wasn’t what they had in mind.”


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