Day 584: Gem Breaker Twist

Posted: 2012/06/15 in Indie Games

I haven’t reviewed a colour matching game in a while and, like an FPS fan awaiting the next Halo, CoD, or Battlefield, I’m feeling the itch. I scratched it with “Gem Breaker Twist”, a game that takes the normal colour-matching formula and mixes it up with the ability to, when all else fails, spin the playfield to make the gems fall into somewhat different positions. The positional changes can be predicted, as gems will fall to fill any holes, which adds a tactical element so often missing from games like this.

Here’s what the developer (“ShadowPredator”) has to say about the game:

“Gem Breaker Twist is a fun and addictive colour matching game with a twist. Break matching gem clusters, while rotating the game board to create new and larger clusters for larger scores. Play three game modes all with local highscore boards and each mode tracks players statistics. Gem Breaker Twist is fun for the whole family, easy to learn but hard to master.”


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