Day 586: Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 3

Posted: 2012/06/17 in Indie Games

Now this is episodic gaming the way it was meant to be. First of all, there actually *are* new installments coming. Secondly, they’re coming at a reasonable pace. Firstly we had “Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 1”, then “Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 2” 8 months later. Now a mere three months after installment 2, we have “Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 3”, and it’s perhaps the best one yet.

Not much I think needs to be said here. If you loved the first two, then here is another assortment of meticulously crafted levels and hand drawn art, but in this installment you’re facing a new assortment of impressively imaginative enemies. Like with the previous Oozi games, everything is gorgeous and lovingly coloured. Controls are as tight as they get, feeling like the 16-bit platformers of lore with no perceptible lag between controller input and on-screen action.

Don’t expect an “Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES” or “PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death” in the difficulty level, but neither is this game a pushover. The challenge is significant, but more reasonable than a lot of the super-hard platformers that have been popular lately, with a lot of the challenge coming from the levels simply being pretty long (which, to me, is a selling point) and the checkpoints being spaced out less generously than some of the competition.

Here’s what the developer (AwesomeGamesStudio) has to say about the game:

“Oozi: Earth Adventure is where classic platforming fun meets modern visuals and hand-drawn art. Lots of special abilities, dozens of enemies, extra difficult challenge mode and time limited arcade mode specially for hardcore gamers. All that for only 80 MSP, a must have for all platformer fans!”


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