Day 589: All Your Creeps

Posted: 2012/06/20 in Indie Games

I haven’t reviewed a tower defence game in a long while, and haven’t reviewed many at all when it comes right down to it. “All Your Creeps” is making the cut, however, on the strength of its versatility and presentation.

Unlike some of the more structured tower defence games, here you can build mostly wherever you want, as you’re defending everything from wide open spaces down on planets, to sections of outer space itself. This makes it look a bit more like a game of Starcraft than it does Plants Vs. Zombies, which is an interesting aesthetic. The graphics have a neat pseudo-fog-of-war around the play area in some levels, and an innovative territory control colour-coding that lets you know where you’re losing ground at a passing glance no matter how frenetic the action.

Interesting too is that it has (offline) multiplayer for up to four players, which is a nice addition in a game like this, and all the more interesting that it lets you play up to 4 player co-op. Ultimately where the game really shines is in its multiplayer, and in the fact that it lets you attack as well as defend. Attacking takes a bit more strategy than defending it seems to me, but both feel satisfying. This game is easily worth its 80 Microsoft Point price tag.

Here’s what the developer (Red Button Games) has to say about the game:

“Defend the homeland against the capitalist pigs, or siege the communist headquarters to prevent their victory on earth and in space. Play with up to 4 players in this fast-paced tower defense game.”


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