Day 590: Hypership Still Out of Control

Posted: 2012/06/21 in Indie Games

Now this will not be the most shocking review choice ever. After all, it’s the sequel to the very first game I reviewed. I loved it, just like I loved Kris Steele’s other efforts in “Abduction Action!” and “Nasty”. Amazing to think, 589 days of consecutive game recommendations later, I’m reviewing a sequel to the very first game.

“Hypership Still Out of Control” (emphasis mine) brings more of the fun (and the pain) that the original Hypership OoC did. Co-op returns, and it’s great fun trying to stay alive long enough to revive a comrade who’s crashed their ship. Solo play is punishingly enjoyable as always, as you speed through levels without the ability to stop thanks to total failure of your deceleration thrusters. Solo replay is enhanced by the game’s scoring system, which gives an incentive to challenge levels again. If you loved the first game, it would be a crime not to throw another 80 Microsoft Points the developer’s way. Kris is an earnest developer, and he gave WMD an absolutely awesome three part interview about his games and the trials and tribulations of being an indie developer.

Here’s what the developer (Fun Infused Games) has to say about the game:

“Space is still a dangerous placed for even the most seasoned starship pilot, full of asteroids, multicolored floating blocks, and space mines. It’s still even more dangerous when your accelerator is stuck to the floor and your brakes are out. Can you survive long enough to get that elusive high score or are you still destined to add a new crater to the face of an unsuspecting asteroid?”


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