Day 593: Starzzle Seasons

Posted: 2012/06/24 in Indie Games

Just over a year ago (370 days, to be exact) I reviewed “Starzzle” and found it to be an an inventive and enjoyable puzzle game. It turned the slide-until-you-hit-a-wall, then-change-direction-and-slide-some-more style of puzzler on its head by adding a second character, one that could act as a “block” for the first character to help it get to the places it needed to go.

“Starzzle Seasons” brings you 21 more levels of Starzzle puzzling goodness where you figure out the right collection of moves to get to the end. A short and simple review to be sure, but sometimes not much more is necessary.

Here’s what the developer (Bionic-Thumbs) has to say about the game:

“Starzzle Seasons is an addictive puzzle game where you have to pick all stars over 21 levels across SnowLand. If you are (hu)man enough probe yourself finishing the existing challenges and try to be in our top ten highscores!”


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