Day 597: Ninja Recapture

Posted: 2012/06/28 in Indie Games

I loved “Ninja Sneaking” about half a year ago (day 456), a brilliant game that is more Metal Gear Solid than it is Shinobi. Despite the only moderately connected name, “Ninja Recapture” is the sequel.

Like its predecessor, it focuses on special abilities (wall climbing) and stealth more than on being a straight bloodbath. Impressively for a 2D game, it has branching paths in its level design. There is replay value here in the ability to re-fight favourite boss encounters, and (taking a page out of Dead Or Alive Xtreme beach volleyball) there’s even a gambling hall. If you loved the first game (and I’d encourage you to go read that review now then I’d recommend plopping down 80 Microsoft Points again.

Here’s what the developer (WINGLAY) has to say about the game:

“Beat enemies with Shuriken and Katana, Get back the book of secrets stolen from castle! Buy equipments or get higher levels to power-up. You can play games at the Gambling Hall or rebattle with bosses at the Arena in the latter part of the game.”


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