Day 599: Monsters Shoot ‘n Monsters

Posted: 2012/06/30 in Indie Games

From the developer of “Monsters Swimming” and of “Monsters In Neon Space”, I now find myself reviewing another game of monsters and neon colours: “Monsters Shoot ‘n Monsters”. This is quite different than the others, though.

Taking a page out of “Monsters Swimming” you can grab enemies and fling them, an interesting mechanic that (paired with a twin-stick shooter) plays out differently than in their previous game. Another short review because it was inventory/year-end at work today and I’m exhausted, but I enjoy playing a new dual-stick shooter every now and then and the addition of the grabbing mechanic tickled my fancy today.

Here’s what the developer (Monster Bite Games) has to say about the game:

“In this twin stick shooter you must shoot and destroy your foe while playing through 32 different challenges . Also use your grapple to swing and hurl monsters into one another. Upgrade your gun and grapple for more destruction.”


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