Day 601: Robot Platformer 2

Posted: 2012/07/02 in Indie Games

“Robot Platformer” was a neat platformer with some interesting visual elements. “Robot Platformer 2” doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but does add another slate of levels. As with the first game in the series, it has an effective system of showing you being close to death (everything gets dark), and (also as with the first game) it support co-op play. It’s the prototypical sequel: it’s a love letter to fans of the first game, not something intended to bring in people who didn’t find the first to their liking. But since I did find the first to my liking, a new set of levels for 80 Microsoft Points is perfectly OK with me.

Here’s what the developer ( has to say about the game:

“If you can crawl, run, jump and flap your arms to hover. -Use your slingshot and jump on the robots. -Have a heart if low on energy. -Jump on the clouds, dodge the fire and Get to the exit spirals… then you will conquer all 42 levels, single or co-op play.”


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