Day 603: StarCatcher

Posted: 2012/07/04 in Indie Games

Now this is a great reminder of how indie games ought to be (IMO): “StarCatcher” is instantly playable, yet gets harder and more complex over time, and makes you keep coming back for more.

Not sure how this one managed to slip under everyone’s radar, but it’s really brilliant. Your goal is to bounce on all the stars on a given map, and once you have you can mosey on to the next one. This simple mechanic is used ingeniously throughout, with some levels feeling like a vertical climber, others feeling more like a puzzle game, and even a few seeming more action-oriented. Presentation is interesting, with each star making a musical note as you hit it and, while the game can’t be mistaken for a rhythm game, it’s a nice touch nonetheless. This seems to be a completely unheralded game, but it’s easily recommendable for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Ssnoken) has to say about the game:

“StarCatcher is a platformer game where the player need to take all the stars on a map to continue to the next map. Every map will test the players reactions and how fast they can solve problems.”


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