Day 604: Escape The Car

Posted: 2012/07/05 in Indie Games

“Escape” games are apparently a genre, but one I’ve never heard of. You explore a room (or small collection of rooms) trying to find what you need to escape. It’s a bit like a point and click adventure, but focused on a single task (escape). “Escape The Car” has you exploring a car for the things you need to escape.

What’s in the glove compartment? Can you find the hidden box cutter and, if you can, what could you find if you cut into the roof? These kinds of puzzles are ahead of you as you explore the car and try to escape it. It’s a cool idea, and the only example of it on the Xbox 360 I’m aware of, and that made it worth 80 Microsoft to me.

Here’s what the developer (Afro-Ninja Productions) has to say about the game:

“Collect items and use your puzzle solving skills to find your way out of this predicament! This is a port of the classic point-and-click flash game featuring new HD artwork and medals!”


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