Day 605: Avatar Punch

Posted: 2012/07/06 in Indie Games

Remember when arcade boxing games like Ready 2 Rumble were all the rage, gracing systems such as the Playstation, the Nintendo 64, and the Dreamcast? Well, “Avatar Punch” is an homage to those days, and one I enjoyed.

The game features a reasonable number of punching and dodging options, with high, low, and circular punches (both of which are available in left and right variants), plus uppercuts and fast punches. The normal risk/reward is there, with stronger punches taking longer to wind up. Also, watch out when you knock an opponent down, expect them to rise up with a bit more health than they had before they rested on the mat for a few seconds.

As the name suggests, avatar support is here and this is an example of it working well. It was fun watching my avatar don boxing gloves and spar with an opponent, and in a neat touch your own avatar shows up in the background of the game’s menus. Speaking of presentation, it was quite good overall.

If you fondly remember the days of arcade boxing games, then this is a recommended 80 Microsoft Point purchase.

Here’s what the developer (Bionic-Thumbs) has to say about the game:

“Compete with your avatar to manage to be the best boxer of all times across his 4 game modes or fight against a friend!”


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