Day 608: Angry Fish: Deep Sea

Posted: 2012/07/09 in Indie Games

“FishCraft” was great, with inventive levels and improved controls over Angry Birds. “Angry Fish” made fewer bones about its inspiration. Now we have “Angry Fish: Deep Sea”, and by now you should know what you’re in for (or, if not, read the “FishCraft” review).

If you loved the first two games, you get 63 more levels for 80 Microsoft Points (barely more than one point per level!). And the presentation of these new levels is great, with the fight this time being taken to the Fish’s homeland of the sea.

Here’s what the developer (Frozen Software) has to say about the game:

“A family tragedy leads to an epic tale of intrigue and revenge. This time around the Angry Fish are leaving the sky to the birds and the fight is diving to new depths in the deep sea. Return to the battlefield with 63 uniquely puzzling levels.”


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