Day 611: Bytown Lumberjack

Posted: 2012/07/12 in Indie Games

With great presentation and tongue-in-cheek humour, “Bytown Lumberjack” is Streets of Rage meets lumberjacking. And it’s awesome.

In addition to the unique premise (which has a logger on a warpath for justice), the game has nice animation, four player (local multiplayer) support. Controls are simplified making this decidedly a button mashing brawler, no fancy combos here. There are upgrades though, purchased in stores periodically presented to you.

This 80 Microsoft Point effort is ridiculously over-the-top in the best of ways, and worth checking out for those who prefer the simpler (pre-combo) days of hack-and-slash gaming.

Here’s what the developer (Owen Deery) has to say about the game:

“Take the role of an angry and violent woodsman on a journey to take back what’s his. Slash and carve your way through a bloody forest of ravenous creatures to track down the fabled Stag! Invite your friends along in this violently gory forest adventure. Team up against wolves, hunters and bears and fight your way to victory.”


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