Day 614: Spoids

Posted: 2012/07/15 in Indie Games

Many of the tower defence games I’ve reviewed on Mass Deduction were genre-blending in some way. “Spoids”, however, is pure tower defence (which is less frequently my thing). So why am I recommending it? Solid production values, and presentation that works really hard (and largely successfully) at making you feel that you’re part of a larger conflict as an invasion bears down on your species.

So if you enjoy pure tower defence games and space opera storytelling, Spoids is an 80 Microsoft Points purchase that’s right up your alley.

Here’s what the developer (AirWave Games LLC) has to say about the game:

“The Spoids have invaded the planetary spectrum. We have received distress calls from the surrounding planets in our galaxy. In this epic and unique defense game, travel from planet to planet and control the defense systems against an endless swarm of Spoids. Can you stop the Spoids?”


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