Day 619: Space Debris

Posted: 2012/07/20 in Indie Games

Like a crazy mash-up of Qix and “Draw Something”, “Space Debris” delivers 80 Microsoft Point innovation and fun that’s definitely different.

Like with Qix, you have to clear the playfield by drawing shapes. Unlike with Qix, you aren’t “painting in” the playfield, the shapes disappear when they’re complete. Not so unique so far. What *is* unique, though, is that the shapes you draw have to approximately match what you’re trying to destroy to actually clear them from the screen. The shapes are simple enough (don’t worry about having to draw a dodecahedron), but you will find yourself drawing squares, circles, and other simple shapes. You will find yourself trying to corral a bunch of squares, yet also grabbing a bunch or circles that won’t get destroyed when you finish your square.

The game is simple fun, and not much more needs to be asked of it. There’s a freestyle drawing mode, for those interested, once you’ve tired of geometric homicide. Worth checking out, especially for Qix fans.

Here’s what the developer (ThunderfishEntertainment_0) has to say about the game:

“Space Debris is a game where you draw shapes to clean up the intergalactic trash left in space by the wasteful humans.”


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