Day 621: Teddy Defender

Posted: 2012/07/22 in Indie Games

“Toy Commander” on the Dreamcast taught me how great a game could be that understood how children’s imaginations worked. Like most fans of the game, I played it as an adult and reveled in a game that reminded me of how I once visualised and played. No mere nostalgia trip, though, the gameplay was tremendously solid. The same can be said of “Teddy Defender”.

Gameplay consists of tower defence, but with some wrinkles. For one, instead of merely populating and defending a pre-existing maze, you get to build one from the ground up. And you do so with Jack-In-The-Boxes, toy army men, and other popular toys. Your ultimate goal, as the teddy who’s quarterbacking this defence (I know, the metaphor is starting to break down) is to stop the nightmares from reaching the child who loves you, so that said child can have a restful night’s sleep.

The tower defence gameplay is respectably deep, and the maze-building elevates it over a lot of its kin. An easy 80 Microsoft Point recommendation for anyone who might appreciate its premise. For those who long since buried the kid inside you, however, you might not find enough here; the rest of us will likely enjoy ourselves.

Here’s what the developer (Team Red) has to say about the game:

“Do you have what it takes to become a ‘Teddy Defender’? Take the role as Bear and protect your owner Jimmy from his nightmares in this exciting, maze building ‘Tower Defence’ game. Build toy defences to stop the nightmares from infecting Jimmy’s dreams, strategically build mazes to alter the nightmares path and aim for a high score!”


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